Home Care Provider in Oxfordshire

We are an independent high quality, family owned and run,  Home Care Provider in Oxfordshire and services typically entail daily client visits of between 30 minutes and an hour at regular times. Visits may be longer for some clients depending upon needs.

Visits may be single handed or double handed and may vary from once a day up to four times a day. We provide services every day of the year including Christmas Day from 7am until 10pm.

Outside normal office hours a duty phone is available to maintain contact across the team and address any emergency situations that may occur.

Prior to any services being provided we will need to meet the Client and begin to build a relationship and trust.

When we meet the Client we will need to undertake a full assessment of the needs and identify any specific risks associated with the services requested.

Ideally family members should be present or close friends to assist the Client and ensure all aspects and needs are included.

Our team will listen, ask questions, make suggestions, discuss options and working together, but focused on the Client, develop a flexible personal care plan that will aim to achieve the Clients desired outcomes.

We are able to offer the following services :-

Full personal care :-

Assistance to get up and back to bed
Medication prompting
Assistance going to toilet
Assistance with washing & dressing
Assistance to bath/shower
Assistance eating & drinking
Full bed care

To support personal care we will undertake minor domestic work which may include:-

Washing clothes
Washing up
Light Cleaning

Additional Support we can provide:-

Assistance with shopping

Dementia Care – Staff receive specialised training to be able to provide appropriate support and care

Palliative Care – we have a long standing relationship going back to when we started in 2004 with the NHS continuing care team and Sir Michael Sobbel House Hospice.

Complex Care – this would include, catheter, stoma, tracheotomy where specialised training is undertaken for each carer on a Client specific basis

1 to 1 Care is a home care provider in Oxfordshire. The above are representative of the services we can provide if you have other specific needs please ask and we will try and accommodate your needs.