Who Cares? Episode 1

Successive governments clearly don’t care.

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and inspections are based around evidence, signatures, documentation and our Client’s and there relatives opinions on the quality of care we provide.  When we listen to politicians waxing lyrical, what evidence is there that they have done anything to support the care sector. There simply isn’t any, a black hole. The reality is the opposite, obstructive  and  unsupportive.


Fact 1 : the home care sector is exempt from VAT. Sounds sensible. BUT exempt status means we can’t charge VAT  or reclaim any VAT we are charged by other suppliers. That includes: heat ,light, power, gloves, aprons and VAT on carers mileage which is a huge cost. If we were ZERO RATED , which is what the sector has asked successive governments  for, we still wouldn’t charge VAT but we would be able to reclaim VAT. That would make a big difference.


Fact 2 : The Government decided that the Care Quality Commission (CQC)  should be self funding. So guess who gets to pay? CQC fees are based on how many physical offices you operate from. So whether you are a small Care Agency or a very large Care Agency if you operate from a single office you get charged the same fees. Our annual fees are :-

2015/16 £796,

2016/17 £1369,

2017/18 £2192

– that sort of support we could do without thank you.


Fact 3 : Whilst the Government may come out with those wonderful statements about how much they have allocated to the Care Sector, it doesn’t always end up where you think it might. There are Councils in between us and the Government.The Councils  decide where the money actually goes. If the Government doesn’t “ring fence “ the funding, the Government can claim the money was allocated to care, but the Council might decided to add some flower baskets down the high street. That actually happened!


Fact 4 : On one hand we have increases to minimum wage on the other the Government refuse to fund the increased costs that they created. It gets better because we then get inspected by the same Government to check we comply with minimum wage – which in the care sector is anything but simple.


So who cares?