Client Visits

Visits may vary in frequency and duration for each Client and may vary on different days of the week for a specific client. This can all be scheduled in to our computerised planning system. Visits are then automatically generated each week from the master plan and adjusted individually to specific Client needs for that week. This may be due to hospital visits, relatives visiting, or other unforeseen circumstances.

If a Client requires additional support during a visit due to “accidents”, medical intervention being required or we have other concerns the carer will stay with the Client until the Client is safe medically or their needs have been catered for, this can have knock on effects to other Clients, but it is a matter of prioritising and all our Clients understand that occasionally carers may be late for a very good reason.

Family Support

Where ever possible we will work as a “team” with the family and friends to support the Client this is particularly important when the Client is receiving care for the first time. We are in regular contact and will always call when changes or concerns arise.

When the care package commences family and friends are likely to know the individual ways and characteristics of the Client best and their input can be invaluable in helping and supporting the Client through a difficult transition in their life.

Family and friends are always welcome to drop in to our offices if you have concerns or would like to discuss any aspect of the care package or perhaps you may benefit from some support and understanding.