Home Care now critical

There are at this moment 100’s of people in Oxfordshire who desperately need home care. There are those in hospital that are medically fit and waiting discharge. These people are bed blocking as there is sufficient care capacity to meet their needs. There are those already at home managing somehow day to day. Support being provided often piecemeal  from struggling neighbours and distant relatives. Then there are those quietly coping on their own. They are often only identified when they end up in hospital. The situation has got progressively worse. It was totally predictable. It has been ignored for years by Central Government. It is almost certainly going to get worse.

Could you help?

We are only a small independent care provider, but every little helps someone. There are few roles when you can go home afterwards thinking “I made a difference, I helped someone who needed help to live”

We always need good people – any age – you just need a caring nature – an ability to put someone else first – a willingness to learn and a car. We’ll provide the rest, all the way to professional qualifications in Health & Social Care.




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