There is a huge amount of “information” available from a wide variety of sources regarding home care. Whilst some can be very helpful particularly for people seeking care for the first time, much is confusing, some irrelevant and some simply wrong, misleading or out of date.

The following are probably the best sources of unbiased and solid advice – although they can be rather wordy, require endless downloads of PDF’s and at times be quite painful – good luck.

(Of course you could always just phone us and we’ll do our best to help you – even if we are unable to provide what you are looking for)

  1. The Care Quality Commission – the Care Sector Regulator –
  2. Skills for Care – National Skills Academy for Social Care –  
  3. Homecare – Web based information site –      
  4. United Kingdom Home Care Association – Industry Trade Association –
  5. National Institute for Clinical Excellence – NICE –