There is an increasing emphasis on using technology to support care in the community. It is difficult to see how this can ever replace personal care, the prospect of being supported by and Artificial Intelligence orientated robot is a truly Orwellian prospect.

However there is technology coming to the market that can be very useful in helping people in this modern age.

  1. Call Blockers
    These are now readily available from all the usual outlets and can be purchased for around £50. There are various levels of sophistication, which range from simple blockers that basically block every call other than those in a user defined list. These can be useful for Clients that are highly vulnerable, may lack full capacity but still need to have a phone. it provides a very high level of client protection but will also prevent anyone you haven’t added to the list from calling directly. There are more complex models that will block all known scammers and those annoying PPI & Insurance calls in addition to a list of numbers that can be added by the Client.
    All call blockers appear very simple to install, basically plug and play with very simple set up and controls. You will need to do some research to identify which features and models would be appropriate for your needs.