MP’s – WHY?

9 out 10 MP’s believe the social care system is not fit for purpose, based on a recent survey of 101 MP’s.

So what are they going to do about it – after all you are MP’s?

Little mention of social care at the Tory conference – so it would seem likely that based on past performance – most people agree it’s in a terrible state – due mainly to persistent under funding, but no one wants to champion the cause – in particular Mr Hunt the Health Secretary – so looks like it’s off to the long grass as usual.

The survey also means 1 in 10 MP’s believe the current Social Care System is fit for purpose. That’s around 65 MP’s ! Despite every Professional Organisation associated with care, the NHS, Social Service Directors a long list of charities, the National Press & TV coverage all screaming from the rooftops that Social Care is in a critical mess.
So can we assume that these 65 MP’s live in a parallel universe, have a paper bag permanently on their heads, don’t read the papers, don’t watch TV and are deaf – either that or they just don’t care because it doesn’t affect them.



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