Private Care

The provision of care on a private basis is governed, controlled and regulated in exactly the same manner and to the same standards as care provision undertaken on behalf of Social Services or the NHS.

The boundaries are however considerably wider with private care as many support functions are no longer eligible for social funding. Typically private visit times will be longer with private care to allow quality time to support the Client at their own pace, which is particularly important with Dementia where short visits can be counter productive.

In addition to the care provided by our carer team, we also undertake care management for all private clients. This involves understanding and responding to the changing needs of each Client.

It is an all encompassing function that covers the overall safety and well being of each and every Client. It will include liaising with GP’s regarding medication, working out how the medication gets from the pharmacy to the Client, monitoring and recording of medication and prompting for repeat prescriptions where appropriate. We will liaise with Occupational Therapists regarding equipment that may be required to support mobility needs, sitting and standing aids, bathing and general safety. We will call emergency services and liaise extensively with hospitals when Clients are admitted, planning their safe discharge, monitoring changes to medication and changes necessary to care plans and then linking back to GP’s. Throughout any of the above we will regularly update the nominated immediate family and work with them in the best interests of the Client.