The adult care sector is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) with whom all home care providers must be registered (The child care sector is now regulated by OFSTED).

Prior to CQC the care sector was regulated by the Commission for Social Care & Inspection who introduced star ratings in an attempt to measure and show publicly the quality rating they attributed to each regulated care provider. These ratings have now being phased out and will be at least three years out of date, unfortunately no other rating system has yet been implemented or is presently planned.

CQC reports are not particularly easy to read for the uninitiated – basically there will be a summary at the front which typically contain partial quotes from existing Clients, which can be taken out of context and without qualification, for example we only have one negative comment in our report from February 2012 – which says “sometimes inexperienced carers are sent” what the report doesn’t say is that those inexperienced carers are always accompanied by a senior care until they have been fully trained and are confident to undertake all the tasks.

The CQC places great store on paper based evidence rather than witnessing care. So you could be very good at completing paperwork and not very good at care and still achieve a very good report – not very helpful when you are looking for care.

All staff are required by law to have enhanced criminal record checks, however when staff are recruited from overseas the CRB only checks the UK databases so if someone entered the country a month ago it will only check the last 4 weeks, whatever their history in another Country ANY Country ( the CRB doesn’t even check the EU) will not show up.

Recently a man was convicted of a gruesome murder in Oxfordshire he was from overseas and had only been in the Country for 30 days, he had a string of criminal convictions in Europe and diagnosed mental health issues. He was allowed into the UK and would have had a clean CRB

We do not recruit from overseas all are staff are fully employed (not agency staff) and are local people, many have lived in Oxfordshire all their lives.